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7 Steps to Create a Holiday E-Commerce Strategy on Social Media

Social media marketing

The holiday season is easily one of the biggest retail sales opportunities of the year. It’s no surprise that nailing down a solid e-commerce holiday strategy on social media can greatly increase your annual sales. However, figuring out your approach, and the marketing message that you want to convey through social media marketing can be […]

5 Tips to Step up Your Social Media Marketing Game

social media marketing

Reaching your target audience is obviously a key component of marketing for your business that can help propel your success – if done correctly. You need to know where your audience is, how to reach them, and speak to their needs. The rising popularity of social media has opened up a huge door for businesses […]

SEO Ranking – Get Your Website to the Top

SEO Ranking Blueprinted Marketing

Being able to type anything into a search engine and instantly get pages upon pages of information is incredible. So how do you get your website to the top of the result page? You could have a sleek, intuitive and informative website, but if you have poor search engine optimization, then your website will just […]

Make Your Content Marketing Work – 5 Things You Need to Know

Content Marketing Tips

Digital, Radio, TV, Print – regardless of the advertising medium, the objective is to effectively reach your target audience, informing them about your company as well as your products and/or services. However, ads stand out because of the fact that they are advertising – and ads on their own are unlikely to sell. With content […]

How to be Strategic with your Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising Ottawa

Most business owners now understand that social media needs to be part of their marketing plan. It’s an effective way to meet new potential customers, build community and stay competitive – IF it’s used correctly. Facebook is far and away the most popular place for social media marketing, but businesses are missing out on the […]

Grow Your Business This Spring With Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising during Spring

Why Spring is a Great Time to Ramp Up Your Digital Advertising Efforts After a cold and snowy winter (especially in the Nation’s capital) spring is finally around the corner! A time of regrowth, renewal and most importantly, ice-free sidewalks, the prospect of spring is something we can all get excited about. While it might […]

Remarketing Advertising Management: Why Repetition Matters

Remarketing Advertising Management

There’s an old marketing adage called “The Rule of Seven”. According to “The Rule of Seven”, a potential customer needs to see an advertisement at least seven times before they’ll make a decision to purchase. While this number can increase or decrease depending on who you ask, almost all marketers can agree that repetition matters. […]

Landing pages convert visitors into leads, and they work!

Landing Pages Cross-Devices

What are landing pages, you ask? You may have heard the term – landing pages – and wondered, “well, what makes a landing page different than a regular website?” To start, a landing page is a single web page, and it’s generally created as part of a digital marketing advertising campaign that’s set-up with a […]

Digital Marketing – Working With and Learning from Our Clients

Business consultants & Business Coaches

3 Things that Working with Entrepreneurs and Business Owners Taught Us We’ve been very lucky to have worked alongside and learned from many great entrepreneurs and business owners in these past ten years working in the digital marketing industry. Check out a few bits of invaluable info that we’ve learned along the way: 1. People […]