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The Pros of Pop-ups for Digital Marketing

Pop-up's for Effective Digital Marketing

The last thing you want is your screen freezing as you try to close a ridiculous number of pop-ups with redundant, and sometimes, nonsense information. Sadly, when pop-ups first started being used, this was often the case. For this reason, any and all pop-ups since then have received a lot of criticism from consumers. However, […]

Unlock the Keys to a Kick-Ass Crowdfunding Campaign

Crowd Funding Campaign - Blueprinted Marketing

If you’ve opened the news lately, chances are you’ve seen at least a story or two about crowdfunding. Over the past few years, it’s become an increasingly popular way to raise money for all kinds of projects including films, products, charities, even walls (but let’s not get into that). The idea behind crowdfunding is simple: […]

The Blueprinted Approach for Digital Marketing Services

Digital Marketing Blog

If you’ve considered hiring a digital marketing expert to help promote your business, you’ve probably come across many ‘marketing experts’. You know, those who jump at the chance to present you with an outrageous marketing agency quote, and expensive, subscription-based, do-it-yourself marketing platforms that leave you even more confused about digital marketing than when you […]